🤌 configuring emacs cuz why not 🤷‍♂️
Alternatives To .emacs.d
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Lsp Mode4,428
17 hours ago314gpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol
Eslint_d.js8672041936 months ago62May 26, 202211mitJavaScript
Makes eslint the fastest linter on the planet
Add Node Modules Path128
3 months ago5mitEmacs Lisp
Adds the node_modules/.bin directory to the buffer exec_path. E.g. support project local eslint installations.
Eslintd Fix57
2 years ago2Emacs Lisp
Emacs minor-mode to automatically fix javascript with eslint_d.
Emacs Import Js33
a year ago5mitEmacs Lisp
Emacs plugin for ImportJS
Flymake Eslint20
3 months ago3mitEmacs Lisp
Flymake backend for Javascript using eslint
Prettier Eslint Emacs7
6 years ago2mitEmacs Lisp
Auto-format current buffer with prettier-eslint
Js Auto Format Mode6
7 months agogpl-3.0Emacs Lisp
🔧 🔄 Emacs minor mode for auto-formatting JavaScript code
2 months agomitEmacs Lisp
🤌 configuring emacs cuz why not 🤷‍♂️
Eslint Lsp3
2 years ago1mitJavaScript
Eslint language server
Alternatives To .emacs.d
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My .emacs.d - use it, break it, fix it, trash it

This emacs configuration is tested in emacs 27.1 on macOS.


Clone this into your home folder as .emacs.d. Rember to backup your old .emacs.d if you already have one:

git clone https://github.com/tmn/.emacs.d.git ~/.emacs.d

Install Emacs

Whatever port of emacs would do. I prefer the pure one using cask:

brew install --cask emacs


This emacs configuration depends on a few packages installed outside of emacs.

OS Dependencies

Install system dependencies for some of the emacs packages:

I.e. using brew:

brew install ripgrep ctags node [email protected] coreutils librsvg pyright

Rember to add Java to PATH.

Other dependencies

The language configurations depends on some outside packages. These are installed outside of emacs.

Packages through npm

  • typescript-language-server
  • typescript
  • eslint
  • babel
  • babel-eslint
  • elm-format
npm install -g eslint babel babel-eslint typescript typescript-language-server elm-format


This configuration uses sourcekit-lsp for Swift. The sourcekit-lsp is bundled with Xcode 11.4 and later. Download latest Xcode from the Mac App Store or from the Apple Developer Portal. Or simply do a xcode-select --install in your terminal.


The Java setup depends on lombok.jar. It may be downloaded form projectlombok.org/download.

Place the file inside ~/.emacs/lib/.


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