🐘 (fast) state machine-based UI framework
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State machines and statecharts for the modern web.
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The <1 kb state machine hook for React
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Composable state primitives for JavaScript
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State machine thin layer for structs
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Python Finite State Machines made easy.
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A tiny library (12 lines) for creating state machines in Redux apps
14 years ago22April 23, 20193mitPHP
Build workflows, activities, BPMN like processes, or state machines with PVM.
Xstate Viz328
4 months ago83mitTypeScript
Visualizer for XState machines
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What is Baahu?

Baahu is a small zero-dependency Moore machine-based UI framework for Javascript + TypeScript


  • Faster and smaller than major frameworks/libraries (Svelte, Preact, Vue, React, and Angular)
  • Built-in robust state management: Finite State Machines!
  • Event-driven, not change-driven/reactive
  • Built-in trie-based router & code-splitting
  • First-class TypeScript support: type-checked JSX, props, states, events.
  • O(1) component rendering for all components, not just leaves.

Get Started

Everything you need to know about Baahu is in the docs!

Try it out live on Code Sandbox!

Example Components

You should read the docs, but if you want a sneak peek at what the API looks like, here a couple of example components:


import { b, machine, emit } from 'baahu';

const Toggle = machine({
  id: 'toggle',
  initial: 'inactive',
  context: () => ({}),
  when: {
    inactive: { on: { TOGGLE: { to: 'active' } } },
    active: { on: { TOGGLE: { to: 'inactive' } } },
  render: state => (
      <button onClick={() => emit({ type: 'TOGGLE' })}>Toggle</button>

Traffic Light

A traffic light component that doesn't let you cross the street when it is red, and displays the # of times you crossed the street.


import { b, machine, emit } from 'baahu';

/** returns a function that is called by baahu. emit the
 * provided event after the specified time */
function delayedEmit(event, delayMS) {
  return () => setTimeout(() => emit(event, 'light'), delayMS);

 * you can make your own abstractions like `delayedEmit`
 * for entry/exit/"do" actions.
 * embracing js/ts (as opposed to shipping with every
 * possible abstraction) keeps baahu fast and light!

const Light = machine({
  id: 'light',
  initial: 'red',
  context: () => ({
    streetsCrossed: 0,
  when: {
    red: {
      entry: delayedEmit({ type: 'START' }, 3000),
      on: {
        START: {
          to: 'green',
        CROSS: {
          do: () => alert('JAYWALKING'),
    yellow: {
      entry: delayedEmit({ type: 'STOP' }, 1500),
      on: {
        STOP: {
          to: 'red',
        CROSS: {
          do: ctx => ctx.streetsCrossed++,
    green: {
      entry: delayedEmit({ type: 'SLOW_DOWN' }, 2500),
      on: {
        SLOW_DOWN: {
          to: 'yellow',
        CROSS: {
          do: ctx => ctx.streetsCrossed++,
  render: (state, ctx) => (
      {/* this is a targeted event: 
        only the machine with the specified
        id will be checked */}
      <button onClick={() => emit({ type: 'CROSS' }, 'light')}>
        Cross the Street
      <p>Time(s) street crossed: {ctx.streetsCrossed}</p>
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