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A colorscheme helper for Neovim.

Written in Lua! Quick & Easy Color Schemes 😄

Sincerely, your color buddy.


Your color buddy for making cool neovim color schemes. Write your colorscheme in lua!

You can see one example for gruvbox-esque styles here.


local Color, colors, Group, groups, styles = require('colorbuddy').setup()

-- Use<name>, <#rrggbb>) to create new colors
-- They can be accessed through colors.<name>'background',  '#282c34')'red',         '#cc6666')'green',       '#99cc99')'yellow',      '#f0c674')

-- Define highlights in terms of `colors` and `groups`'Function'        , colors.yellow      , colors.background , styles.bold)'luaFunctionCall' , groups.Function    , groups.Function   , groups.Function)

-- Define highlights in relative terms of other colors'Error'           , , nil               , s.bold)

Advanced Examples

-- Optionally, you can just use the globals created when calling `setup()`
-- No need to declare new locals

-- If you want multiple styles, just add them!'italicBoldFunction',, groups.Function, styles.bold + styles.italic)

-- If you want the same style as a different group, but without a style: just subtract it!'boldFunction', colors.yellow, colors.background, groups.italicBoldFunction - styles.italic)

Made with Colorbuddy

See the wiki!

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