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Single Selection Mode Range Selection Mode Multiple Selection Mode
Single Selection Mode Range Selection Mode Multiple Selection Mode

What is Events Calendar?

Events Calendar is a user-friendly library that helps you achieve a cool Calendar UI with events mapping. You can customise every pixel of the calendar as per your wish and still achieve in implementing all the functionalities of the native android calendar in addition with adding dots to the calendar which represents the presence of an event on the respective dates. Events Calendar also has multi-lingual support. You are just a few steps away from implementing your own badass looking Calendar for your very own project!


[1] In your app module gradle file

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.tizisdeepan:eventscalendar:1.6.1'

[2] In your project level gradle file

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

[3] Use EventsCalendar in your layout.xml

    app:weekHeaderTextSize="16sp" />

[4] Implement EventCalendar.Callback on your Activity/ Fragment

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity(), EventsCalendar.Callback {
    override fun onDayLongPressed(selectedDate: Calendar?) {
        Log.e("LONG", "CLICKED")
    override fun onMonthChanged(monthStartDate: Calendar?) {
        Log.e("MON", "CHANGED")

    override fun onDaySelected(selectedDate: Calendar?) {
        Log.e("SHORT", "CLICKED")

[5] Create instances and set default values for the EventsCalendar in your Activity/ Fragment

eventsCalendar.setSelectionMode(eventsCalendar.MULTIPLE_SELECTION) //set mode of Calendar
              .setToday(today) //set today's date [today: Calendar]
              .setMonthRange(start, end) //set starting month [start: Calendar] and ending month [end: Calendar]
              .setWeekStartDay(Calendar.SUNDAY, false) //set start day of the week as you wish [startday: Int, doReset: Boolean]
              .setCurrentSelectedDate(today) //set current date and scrolls the calendar to the corresponding month of the selected date [today: Calendar]
              .setDatesTypeface(typeface) //set font for dates
              .setDateTextFontSize(16f) //set font size for dates
              .setMonthTitleTypeface(typeface) //set font for title of the calendar
              .setMonthTitleFontSize(16f) //set font size for title of the calendar
              .setWeekHeaderTypeface(typeface) //set font for week names
              .setWeekHeaderFontSize(16f) //set font size for week names
              .setCallback(this) //set the callback for EventsCalendar
              .addEvent(c) //set events on the EventsCalendar [c: Calendar]
              .disableDate(dc) //disable a specific day on the EventsCalendar [c: Calendar]
              .disableDaysInWeek(Calendar.SATURDAY, Calendar.SUNDAY) //disable days in a week on the whole EventsCalendar [varargs days: Int]

[6] You can change selection mode of the calendar as you wish


Available Selection modes are,

  1. SINGLE_SELECTION -> can select single day at a time
  2. RANGE_SELECTION -> can select range of days at a time
  3. MULTIPLE_SELECTION -> can select multiple days at a time (not necessary that the selected days be consequtive)


XML Kotlin/Java Description
app:primaryTextColor setPrimaryTextColor(color: Int) Primary Text color of the calendar (selectable dates)
app:secondaryTextColor setSecondaryTextColor(color: Int) Secondary Text color of the calendar (disabled dates)
app:selectedTextColor setSelectedTextColor(color: Int) Text color of the Selected date
app:selectionColor setSelectionColor(color: Int) Color for the Selection Circle
app:rangeSelectionColor setRangeSelectionColor(color: Int) Color for the Selection Background
app:rangeSelectionStartColor setRangeSelectionStartColor(color: Int) Color for the Range Start Selection Background
app:rangeSelectionEndColor setRangeSelectionEndColor(color: Int) Color for the Range End Selection Background
app:weekHeaderColor setWeekHeaderColor(color: Int) Text color for the Week Header labels
app:weekHeaderTextSize setWeekHeaderFontSize(size: Float) Text size for the Week Header labels
app:datesTextSize setDateTextFontSize(size: Float) Text size for the Date labels
app:monthTitleColor setMonthTitleColor(color: Int) Text color for the Month Title in the calendar view
app:monthTitleTextSize setMonthTitleFontSize(size: Float) Text size for the Month Title in the calendar view
app:eventDotColor setEventDotColor(color: Int) Color for the Event Dots marked in the calendar view
app:isBoldTextOnSelectionEnabled setIsBoldTextOnSelectionEnabled(isEnabled: Boolean) Sets whether the dates should be highlighted or not

Voila! You have implemented an awesome Events Calendar for your Android Project now!

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