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star-history chrome extension

Star History

The missing star history graph of GitHub repos

As a website

As an extension

Note: You can load the ./extension folder to chrome to install the extension too.

Access Token

Star-history use GitHub API to retrieve repository metadata. When user exceed the rate limit of unauthenticated requests. Star-history will need your personal access token to unlimit it.

If you don't already have one, create one, and add to star-history (no scope to your personal data is needed)



npm run startWebsite


npm run buildExtension
# load the extension folder as unpacked extension into chrome to view it

Build and Deploy


# deploy to
npm run deployWebsite


npm run buildExtension
# zip extension folder and publish to chrome web store


  • 2019-8-28: use chart.xkcd to plot the graph

  • 2019-3-06: Add personal access token; update style; mono repo

  • 2016-6-30: Alert to notie

  • 2016-6-28: Add clear btn

  • 2016-6-28: Better view for "many star" repos (use current star number as the last point on the graph)

  • 2016-6-26: Store repo info into url hash

  • 2016-6-26: multiple kinds of input styles (eg:, ...)

  • 2016-6-26: Better view for less star repos #28

  • 2016-6-14: Toggle search by hit enter #26, prevent crash while searching for not existing repo

  • 2016-5-26: Update mobile view

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