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Automated Github Organization (and Team) Invites

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Quickly host a webpage to allow people to click and receive an invite to your Github Organization and an (optional) default team.


  • Validates submitted Github usernames
  • Links in your Github Organization's avatar/image
  • Lightweight
  • Optionally auto-invite to a team inside the organization

Get It Right Now


All you have to do is

  1. Click Deploy to Heroku
  2. Fill in the Environment Variables when prompted. These will be a Github Access Token, which should have Organization privileges enabled, and a GitHub Organization name, and a background color. The choices are {blue,green,grey,pink,red,white}. If you don't enter one of those strings it defaults to 'white'. Lastly an optional GitHub Organization team can also be specified if you want your users to auto-join a default team.

All Done! Just share the Heroku App's URL to people and they'll be able to get themselves an invite to your organisation.



bundle install

Run Locally:

ORGANIZATION_NAME="foo" GITHUB_TOKEN="bar"  bundle exec ruby web_app.rb


Thanks to Code, Applied To Life for their efforts which were used as a base for this.

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