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i18n-json-editor is a Visual Studio Code extension to easily edit your json translations files.


i18n-json-editor can be used in two ways :

  • Right click on a folder named i18n and select : i18n JSON Editor
    Folder name can be changed with i18nJsonEditor.supportedFolders

    extension demo

  • Within a workspace you can edit several folders at the same time. Click on i18n editor presents in the Status Bar
    i18nJsonEditor.workspaceFolders must be set

    status bar extension

  • To use a translation service defined :
    i18nJsonEditor.translationService and i18nJsonEditor.translationServiceApiKey

    extension demo translate


  • i18nJsonEditor.forceKeyUPPERCASE : Force the keys to uppercase (default : true)
  "i18nJsonEditor.forceKeyUPPERCASE": false
  • i18nJsonEditor.jsonSpace : A String or Number that's used to insert white space into the output JSON (default : 2)
    For more information, have a look on the JSON.stringify() method.
  "i18nJsonEditor.jsonSpace": 5
  • i18nJsonEditor.lineEnding : String used to signify the end of a line (default : "\n")
  "i18nJsonEditor.lineEnding": "\r\n"
  • i18nJsonEditor.keySeparator : String to separate keys, or false if no separator is preferred (default : ".")
    "i18nJsonEditor.keySeparator": "/"
  • i18nJsonEditor.supportedFolders : An array of folder names that's used to open the extension through the right click (default : ["i18n"])
    Restart Visual Studio Code after changing the value
    "i18nJsonEditor.supportedFolders": [
  • i18nJsonEditor.translationService : Specified wich translation service to use (Only Microsoft translator is currently available)
  "i18nJsonEditor.translationService" : "MicrosoftTranslator"
  • i18nJsonEditor.translationServiceApiKey : Api key used by the translation service
  "i18nJsonEditor.translationServiceApiKey": "**********"
  • i18nJsonEditor.workspaceFolders : An array of objects to specify which folders are used to manage your translations
  "i18nJsonEditor.workspaceFolders": [
    { "name": "Common", "path": "./i18n" },
    { "name": "Portal", "path": "./portal/locales" }


Vanderseypen Thibault (

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