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Alternatives To Bash Workshop
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Introduction to Unix Commands

Spartan Hackers

Bash Video

Click the image above to see the screencast!

Windows users should download PuTTY:

Getting Started (5 minutes)

  • Why bash is important to know
  • Understanding the directory structure (tree)

Remember how, on your Desktop, you can manipulate files and folders?

The entire filesystem for your computer is just a MASSIVE tree of folders and folders with files along the way.

Notable Directories

  • Root "/" - The single folder at the core
  • Home "~" - The folder containing everything for your user
  • Working "." - The current folder you're in

...also, I'm gonna refer to folders as directories here on out.

Bits of Bash (20 minutes)

Got that shell open? Time for some basic navigation!

  • ls - list directory contents
  • cd - change working directory
  • touch - change file access and modification times (creates a file)
  • rm - remove directory entries
  • cp - copy files
  • mv - move files
  • clear - clear the terminal screen

Now that you've got those under your belt, we need to talk about command options- or flags. Flags are how we specify additional parameters to our commands similar to passing arguments to a function in programming.

For example: sure, ls lists directory contents but what if I want to see hidden dotfiles? I can include the -a option:

ls -a

Want a "long" listing with lots of additional system information?

ls -l

But how do we familiarize with all of these hidden options? ...I'm glad you asked.

  • man - format and display the on-line manual pages

Time to wing it

Before we move on, you should copy this document onto your desktop:

curl --location > ~/Desktop/unix.txt

This will prove a great resource for you to refer back to if you ever get lost or have any nagging questions after the workshop.

I got you. -Steven Kneiser

My Mysterious & Undisputably Dope Project (10 minutes)

Finally! Time to do something both tangible and dope. First thing we're gonna do is remote into a school server:

ssh [email protected]

After entering your password you should be in your user's home directory (represented by the "~"). Next up, we're gonna make a directory for this project called "web" and hop right in there:

mkdir web
cd web

This seems like the PERFECT place to dump my mysterious & undisputably dope file:

curl --location > index.html

Rubs hands together with a devilish grin

Now before I give anything away, I want you to run these two commands:

chmod -R a+rX ~/web
chmod 701 ~/

Congratulations, you've officially setup your very own student homepage! Don't believe me? Visit:

Q&A & Unix Tips (25 minutes)

Basic Navigation

  • ls & cd
  • touch & rm
  • cp & mv
  • mkdir & rmdir
  • cat & editors (nano, vim, emacs)
  • understanding flags
  • tab-completion & clear
  • finding help (man, apropos, ...then google)

Bash Redirection & Search

  • piping
  • less/more & head & tail
  • grep
  • sort & awk & wc
  • find

Filesystem security

  • reading access rights
  • chmod
  • sudo & su

Running processes (language-specific consoles etc)

  • jobs (listing and suspending)
  • fg & bg
  • ps
  • sending signals

Customizing your environment (dotfiles)

  • environmental variables (echo & printenv)
  • .profile's & rc's (SHELL-DEPENDENT)
  • aliases & functions
  • SSH & simplifying (.ssh/config)
  • package-management

Advanced Miscellaneous

  • keyboard shortcuts (reverse-i search)
  • curly brace completion
  • bash scripting
  • crontab

Further reading

This Repo

Other Unix tutorials

Other shells

More on Unix:

Learning Vim?


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