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.NET Core 2.2 from scratch set of library using last feature of C# language. This project was made by myself under the direction of DrBrook for learning purpose.

The main goal of this project is to provide some scalable, easy-to-use, easily configurable and extandable APIs with very little to implement by yourself in order to have a proper application structure with only from-scratch implementations that aren't blackbox like manythings in the BCL. There are many library provided within this project such as binary reader/writers, auto-generated serializers, packet size calculation and even more. Everything have been implemented using the last features from the .NET Core framework.

Table of Contents


These libraries were firstly designed to fit a game back-end server therefore we didn't wanted any dependency on our project and tried to implement as much as we could by ourselves. Having them easily maintenable was the point for this project. This is why each assembly have its own matching unit-test project in the tests/ folder.

Most of the features you need are already implemented (such as logger, IoC container, auto-generated serializer/size-calculation expression from a POCO class etc...) but if you have any advanced serialization logic such as custom var, custom types etc.. you won't have to implement many things to have a working serialization logic.

Unit tests


Project structure

Assembly Name Description Dependencies
Astron.Binary Binary reader & writer extandable API with offset logic Memory, Size
Astron.Expressions Expression tree wrapper with some helpers none
Astron.IoC IoC container for dependency injection logic Logging
Astron.Logging Lightweight logging API none
Astron.Memory Memory policy with base implementations none
Astron.Serialization Auto-generated serializer/deserializer from POCO Binary, Expressions
Astron.Size Auto-generated size-calculation methods from POCO Expressions

Get Started

If you need any more informations about how to setup and implement each library, the full documentation is an awesome place to start.

Some sample projects will be released in the future, I highly recommend you to follow me on my github page if you want to be notified once they'll be released, also you should consider starring this repo, because it'll be really appreciable. A network library using the last Pipeline API from .NET Core 2.2 is also planned to be released !

Each assembly have been uploaded on nuget separetely, but there is an all-in-one package which you can find at the top of this document near the build status badge. Here are the badges for each seperate assembly :


NuGet Badge


NuGet Badge


NuGet Badge


NuGet Badge


NuGet Badge


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NuGet Badge


Please, be aware that there is a Code of Conduct that have been defined by the .NET foundation and adopted by this repository.

Be sure to look at currently openened issues to know what is going on. If you want to make a contribution, you must contact me before !


Discord: NamelessK1NG#3577
Mail: [email protected]


DrBrook - My teacher and also a long-time friend, this project would never happen without him.
McGravell - For his works with the new "Pipelines" API of .NET Core 2.0


Take a look at the license for further informations.

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