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TexText - A TeX extension for Inkscape

TexText is a Python plugin for the vector graphics editor Inkscape <>__ providing the possibility to add and re-edit LaTeX generated SVG elements to your drawing.

.. figure:: docs/source/images/textext-with-inkscape.png :alt: TexText dialog with Inkscape

Key features

  • Windows/ Linux/ MacOS support
  • LaTeX generated SVG elements can be re-edited later
  • Multi-line editor with syntax highlighting (see § <usage-dialog-overview_>_)
  • Compilation with PdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX or LuaLaTex (see § <usage-tex-compilers_>_)
  • Interoperable scaling in TexText and Inkscape (see § <usage-scaling_>_)
  • Font size match with Inkscape text (see § <usage-font_>_)
  • Customizable TeX preamble (additional packages, parskip, parindent, etc.) (see § <usage-preamble-file_>_)
  • Colorization via TeX commands/Inkscape is kept after re-editing (see § <usage-colorization_>_)
  • Alignment anchor of the produced output (see § <usage-alignment_>_)
  • Preview images (see § <usage-preview_>_)
  • Compatibility with TexText down to version 0.4.x


Download of the most recent version (and older ones):


Documentation hosted at It contains installation <installation-toc_>_ and usage <usage-toc_>_ instructions.


This repository continues the development of the plugin which took place at until January 2018. Originally, TexText had been developed by Pauli Virtanen <>__ based on the plugin InkLaTeX written by Toru Araki.

.. |Build Status Master| image:: :target:

.. |Build Status Develop| image:: :target:

.. _documentation: .. _installation-toc: .. _usage-toc: .. _usage-dialog-overview: .. _usage-tex-compilers: .. _usage-scaling: .. _usage-font: .. _usage-preamble-file: .. _usage-colorization: .. _usage-alignment: .. _usage-preview:

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