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AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) Terraform module

Terraform module which creates ECS resources on AWS.

This module focuses purely on ECS and nothing else. Therefore only these resources can be created with this module:

However, having said the above to have a proper ECS cluster up and running multiple resources are needed. In most cases creating these resources is heavily opinionated and or context-bound. That is why this module does not create these resources. But you still need them to have a production ready environment. Therefore the example area shows how to create everything needed for a production environment.


module "ecs" {
  source = "terraform-aws-modules/ecs/aws"

  name = "my-ecs"

  container_insights = true

  capacity_providers = ["FARGATE", "FARGATE_SPOT"]

  default_capacity_provider_strategy = [
      capacity_provider = "FARGATE_SPOT"

  tags = {
    Environment = "Development"

Conditional creation

Sometimes you need to have a way to create ECS resources conditionally but Terraform does not allow to use count inside module block, so the solution is to specify argument create_ecs.

# ECS cluster will not be created
module "ecs" {
  source  = "terraform-aws-modules/ecs/aws"
  version = "~> 2.0"

  create_ecs = false
  # ... omitted



Name Version
terraform >= 0.12.26
aws >= 2.48


Name Version
aws >= 2.48


No modules.


Name Type
aws_ecs_cluster.this resource


Name Description Type Default Required
capacity_providers List of short names of one or more capacity providers to associate with the cluster. Valid values also include FARGATE and FARGATE_SPOT. list(string) [] no
container_insights Controls if ECS Cluster has container insights enabled bool false no
create_ecs Controls if ECS should be created bool true no
default_capacity_provider_strategy The capacity provider strategy to use by default for the cluster. Can be one or more. list(map(any)) [] no
name Name to be used on all the resources as identifier, also the name of the ECS cluster string null no
tags A map of tags to add to ECS Cluster map(string) {} no


Name Description
ecs_cluster_arn ARN of the ECS Cluster
ecs_cluster_id ID of the ECS Cluster
ecs_cluster_name The name of the ECS cluster


Module is maintained by Anton Babenko with help from these awesome contributors.


Apache 2 Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.

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