Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

MASTER - Hopefully stable branch.
DEV - Development Branch (latest changes)

Introduction to Extra

Thank you for your interest. Despite the non-descript name of this repository, it's actually full of a lot of presentable, carefully-written shell programs.

Some of the programs within this repository were written and are maintained for a Bourne POSIX-compliant shell (with Yash as guidance), and others are written for the Bourne Again Shell.

As of 2022-01-09, here are some highlights:

  • AutoExec (AE) - Development tool for automatic execution of files
  • BackMeUp - Simple and portable solution to HOME backup
  • CSi3 - Command-line cheat sheet for i3-wm/i3-gaps
  • Cito - Portable installer for local or GitHub files
  • Fetcher - Simple interactive multi-file downloader for the terminal
  • GLKFU - Easily compile & build Debian packages for Linux kernels
  • LSPKG - Search through, test for, and list out installed packages
  • RMNE - Remove all of the non-essential Debian packages
  • Simplify-Ubuntu - De-bloat Ubuntu by interactively removing unneeded packages
  • Tagged - List commits per file in the CWD of a git(1) repository

Bug/Issue Reporting

If you have any issues or bugs, I strongly recommend reporting it here on GitHub, as it will surely get my attention. Failing that, since we're not all obsessed with GitHub, send me an E-Mail over at [email protected] (rarely checked, if I'm honest). Lastly, I'm Terminalforlife (formerly Learn Linux) over at YouTube, so feel free to leave a comment over there; I always try to read them all.

Be sure to provide as much information as possible, if you're reporting a bug, such as program output, error messages, system information, etc.


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