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Speedle+ is a general purpose authorization engine. It allows users to construct their policy model with user-friendly policy definition language and get authorization decision in milliseconds based on the policies. Speedle is very user-friendly, efficient, and extremely scalable.

Speedle+ open source project consits of a policy definition language, policy management module, authorization runtime module, commandline tool, and integration samples with popular systems.

Speedle+ is based on Speedle open source project which is hosted at under UPL.

Who are we

We are the founding members of Speedle project. Now we are not Oracle employees and consequently not contributors of Speedle project on GitHub anymore. But we still stay with Speedle project. We create a new repo under and maintain the new project here now.


Latest documentations are available at

Get Started

See Getting Started at




$ go get
$ ls $GOPATH/bin
spctl  speedle-ads  speedle-pms


$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make test

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