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  • a dependency injection container for golang.
  • auto store and register objects into a graph.
  • struct pointer dependency will be auto created if not found in graph.
  • when closing graph, every object will be closed on a reverse order of their creation.


package main

import (


type Test struct {
	Target int `inject:"target"`

func (t *Test) Start() error {
	fmt.Println("start", t.Target)
	return nil

func (t *Test) Close() {
	fmt.Println("close", t.Target)

type Dep struct {
	Test *Test `inject:"test"`

func (d *Dep) Close() {
	fmt.Println("close Dep", d.Test)

func main() {
	//dep.Close, test.Close will be called orderly
	defer inji.Close()
	inji.Reg("target", 123)
	//test will be auto created, test.Start will be called, then dep.Start(if any)
	dep := inji.Reg("dep", (*Dep)(nil)).(*Dep)
	fmt.Println("find dep", dep)

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