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Totally Not Chernobyl

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✨ About

This game is created as part of my Bachelor's Thesis in the Czech language. Due to that, I will not accept any PRs for now.

It uses Flutter framework by Google and Cloud Firestore for communication.

The code follows the Clean Architecture.

🚀 How to start


Following steps will tell you what to install and point you to useful resources:

  1. Install Dart—that might not be required, but some external tools may use it.
  2. Install Flutter and other required tools.
  3. Install Dart & Flutter packages to your IDE.
  4. Install Android Studio for Android and Xcode for iOS.
  5. If required, set up an Android or iOS emulator.

Set Up

Also, before building the app, make sure to:

  • Add android/app/google-services.json file for Android, provided by Firebase.
  • Add ios/Runner/GoogleService-info.plist file for iOS, provided by Firebase.


Run the app using the flutter run command.

To learn more, read about building and releasing an Android app or an iOS app.


To build an Android apk, run flutter build apk. To create docs, run dartdoc --exclude 'dart:async,dart:collection,dart:convert,dart:core,dart:developer,dart:io,dart:isolate,dart:math,dart:typed_data,dart,dart:ffi,dart:html,dart:js,dart:ui,dart:js_util'.

🔨 Tools

This section contains some more tools that might help you enhance your development experience.


This tool is useful for providing display and control of Android devices.

After connecting a phone with a USB, run:

scrcpy --window-title "Totally Not Chernobyl" --always-on-top

or for wireless use, run:

adb tcpip 5555
adb connect DEVICE_IP:5555
# then you can unplug
scrcpy --window-title "Totally Not Chernobyl" --always-on-top --bit-rate 2M --max-size 800

📃 License

Licensed under the MIT License.

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