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Pluggable Minecraft server bridge and administration tools.


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How to use this monorepo

If you're here to read about a specific package, find it in packages/.

If you're trying to get involved with or tinker with the Telecraft project, read on.

Get pnpm. pnpm is a fast, disk efficient package manager; usually a drop-in replacement to npm, but this repository is a monorepo. It manages multiple packages simultaneously by taking advantage of pnpm's workspace support.

Quick setup:

# Get pnpm
npm i -g pnpm

# install node modules for all packages
pnpm install -r

# run typescript build on all packages, so they're ready to go
pnpm build

# if you're actively developing, you'll want to run build in watch mode
pnpm build:w

# run cli package during development (alias to `node packages/cli/dist`)
pnpm dev

Now you're ready to go tinker with the packages and TypeScript will automatically build as you edit files! Packages within the monorepo are automatically linked by the workspace: protocol. Before publishing, pnpm will automatically convert them to the correct versions of those packages.

To update node modules used in all packages across the entire workspace, use pnpm recursive install [email protected] from the root.


  • Use npm, yarn, or another package manager in the root repo or any of the packages
  • Install package specific modules from the root with or without recursive. cd into the package and install them.
  • Publish the root repo. It's a container and not meant to be published.


  • Use pnpm install @telecraft/[email protected]:../parser to add one package from this repo as a dependency to another

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