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npm i mat-datepicker-time-header


Add the module

import { MatNativeDateModule } from '@angular/material/core';
import { MatDatepickerModule } from '@angular/material/datepicker';
import { MatDatepickerTimeHeaderModule } from 'mat-datepicker-time-header';

  imports: [
    // the module for this lib
  entryComponents: [
    // if you get an error, you may need to add the component to the entryComponents array

In order for the input to work, you must add a control with the name time to a formGroup, and add the formGroup on one of the parents of the datepicker. Otherwise it will just throw an error. The cotrol name can optionaly be configured.

in component.ts

Create a formGroup with a time control

form = new FormGroup({ date: new FormControl(), time: new FormControl() });

Create a referance to the MatDatepickerTimeHeaderComponent

import { MatDatepickerTimeHeaderComponent } from "mat-datepicker-time-header";
timeHeader = MatDatepickerTimeHeaderComponent;

in component.html

Create a form and place the picker into it

<form [formGroup]="form">
  <mat-form-field appearance="fill">
    <mat-label>Custom calendar header</mat-label>
    <input formControlName="date" matInput [matDatepicker]="picker" />
    <mat-datepicker-toggle matSuffix [for]="picker"></mat-datepicker-toggle>
    <mat-datepicker #picker></mat-datepicker>

Add the custom heaser to the datepicker

<mat-datepicker #picker [calendarHeaderComponent]="timeHeader"></mat-datepicker>

Optional control name configuration

By default, the time input will search for a parent formGroup and attach itself to the control with the name time, the control name can optionaly be changed by providing the control name.

import { MAT_DATEPICKER_TIME_CONTROL_NAME } from "mat-datepicker-time-header";

providers: [
  { provide: MAT_DATEPICKER_TIME_CONTROL_NAME, useValue: "event_time" },
  // now it will attach to "event_time" instead

Current Limitations

  • No support for template driven forms
  • Date range picker not supported yet (no place in the header).

Pull requests welcome

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