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Tarantool is an in-memory database and application server.

Key features of the application server:

  • 100% compatible drop-in replacement for Lua 5.1, based on LuaJIT 2.1. Simply use #!/usr/bin/tarantool instead of #!/usr/bin/lua in your script.
  • full support for Lua modules and a rich set of own modules, including cooperative multitasking, non-blocking I/O, access to external databases, etc

Key features of the database:

  • ANSI SQL, including views, joins, referential and check constraints
  • MsgPack data format and MsgPack based client-server protocol
  • two data engines: 100% in-memory with optional persistence and an own implementation of LSM-tree, to use with large data sets
  • multiple index types: HASH, TREE, RTREE, BITSET
  • asynchronous master-master replication
  • authentication and access control
  • the database is just a C extension to the application server and can be turned off

Supported platforms are Linux/x86, FreeBSD/x86 and OpenBSD/x86, Mac OS X.

Tarantool is ideal for data-enriched components of scalable Web architecture: queue servers, caches, stateful Web applications.

To download and install Tarantool as a binary package for your OS, please visit

To build Tarantool from source, see detailed instructions in the Tarantool documentation at

Please report bugs at We also warmly welcome your feedback in the discussion mailing list, [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in Tarantool!

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