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JS implementation of all time favorite game of life. Game Of Life -> link

Run your game of life on multicore.

... wait what?..... js multicore?.. what madness is that?

YES. that's right: Run your js in multithreaded!. Harness up to 100% CPU power.

Simply GOL done in distributed manner.


Install node and npm, node-gyp, bower and git, then:

npm i --save gol npm start and wait till other thread(s) will do the job

Then change first line of index.js to use 2 or even 10 workers/threads, and observe how much time to calculate whole game changes.

##Benchmark of calculations of game of life

10 workers (threads)
vs 100times x 2x recalculate x 100xpartsOfWolrd
1: 6617ms
1: 5957ms
1: 5870ms
1 worker (single thread)
vs 100times x 2xrecalculate x 100xpartsOfWolrd
1: 22223ms
1: 23846ms
1: 24604ms

speedup / 'does it scale?'

Generally on 4 actual cores one can expect speedup of 3.9 times So short answer... yes it does.

'but its so slow?'

  1. If my math is right we only display 1 millionth part of world.
  2. You can always write mote effective GOL, and then run it multicore.
  3. If you do.. remember to Pull Request me, so otheres can enjoy.


Change first line from 1 to 2 or even 10 workers and run the script. Observe how the speed of world generation changes.... Isn't that exiting? If you feel particularly adventurous, you might even go for 50 threads. Do not worry.. they are quite light weight.

Installation: you know the drill....

    git clone
    npm install
    node index.js


cat docs/multicore_all_things.txt

tested on mac & windows

Need volunteer to run it in Linux!

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