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3 months ago44February 07, 201845apache-2.0TypeScript
A microservice development architecture based on nest.js. —— 基于 Nest.js 的微服务开发架构。
Awesome Nest Boilerplate1,719
2 days ago7mitTypeScript
Awesome NestJS Boilerplate 😍, Typescript 💪, Postgres 🎉, TypeORM 🥳
a year agomit
🏦 Full Stack Web Application similar to financial software that is used in banking institutions | React.js and Node.js
Ddd Hexagonal Cqrs Es Eda797
a day ago11mitTypeScript
Complete working example of using Domain Driven Design (DDD), Hexagonal Architecture, CQRS, Event Sourcing (ES), Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) using TypeScript and NestJS. Like what you see? Don't forget to star! ⭐ ^^^
Ngx Starter Kit545
a year ago14mitTypeScript
:a: Angular :rocket: NestJS :monkey: Starter Kit
2 months ago1mitTypeScript
Open source headless CMS API written using NestJS, that has pre built modules like User Management, Role Management, Permission Management, Email Module, Account Settings, OTP, Throttling, RBAC support, Localization, and many more.
6 months ago15mitTypeScript
Stator, your go-to template for the perfect stack. 😍🙏
Nest Auth Example270
18 hours ago2mitTypeScript
Nest.js authentication with Passport. Realworld example
Nestjs Sequelize Typescript259
9 months ago14TypeScript
Nest + sequelize-typescript + JWT + Jest + Swagger
25 days ago14mitTypeScript
Type racing for programmers
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Syeta Labs NestJS Starter


Nest framework TypeScript starter repository.

In this starter you may find a working application pre configured with the PostgreSQL and JWT Auth.

Please go through Nest Docs before playing with the code.


To run the application you need to have PostgreSQL installed.

$ npm install

Running the app

# development
$ npm run start

# watch mode
$ npm run start:dev

# debug mode
$ npm run start:debug

# production mode
$ npm run start:prod

Running the app with docker 🐳

With Docker you can run it easily. Now port 3000 will be open and 9229 can be connected to debugger as well.

PostgreSQL is exposed via 5432 port.

$ docker-compose up

Project Setup

The project setup follows standard NestJS conventions. Checkout NestJS docs for more.

Directory structure

Directory structure follows module based on features.

 @types # type defs goes here
 common # common stuffs
    decorators # custom decorators
    dto # common DTOs
    exceptions # exceptions
    filters # filters for app
    guards # guards for app
 config # app config
 database # database module
    migrations # db migrations
    stubs # migration/seed stubs
 modules # modules of app
     auth # auth module
     health # health module
     user # user module

Database and ORM

For database we have used PostgreSQL. And for ORM we have used Knex.js with ObjectionJS.

Knex is an awesome query builder which is closer to SQL. Objection also a thin wrapper around Knex.

For all database migrations please use snake_case conversion when creating tables or columns. In PostgreSQL it is natural to work with snake_case when writing queries.

Knex will automatically map your snake_case names into camelCase on application side. Dont use snake_case in JS side. Instead always use camelCase. Read more

Please change the database name in docker-compose file and .env

Api Docs

Api docs can be geneated thanks to @nestjs/swagger package. Since we are using cli plugin you can comment your Dtos with JSDocs and the documentation will be done automatically. Please follow conventions mentioned here

Environment variables

Env Variable Description example
SECRET Secret for JWT somesecret
DATABASE_URL PostgreSQL connection string postgres://admin:[email protected]:5432/syetalabs
LOGGER_LEVEL Level of logger info
LOGGER_FORMAT Format for logging pretty or json

VS Code helpers

You can find helpers by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + P in VSCode

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