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Svelte integrations

Templates (boilerplates)

SvelteKit Adders

  • Svelte Adders
    • Easily add PostCSS, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, GraphQL, mdsvex, Bulma, and more to your new SvelteKit project

SvelteKit Templates

Please note that we recommend adders instead of templates in most cases. Adders make it easy to mix and match libraries and stay more up-to-date with the official SvelteKit template. However, since SvelteKit is new and adders don't exist for all libraries yet, these templates may provide helpful examples for some libraries.

  • Sveltetron 9000
    • SvelteKit template with TailwindCSS, Storybook, TypeScript and Sass.
  • Sveltekit Starter
    • SvelteKit Starter template with Typescript, Postcss, scss, TailwindCSS, Storybook, husky, and eslint.
  • SvelteKit Koa
    • SvelteKit boilerplate with Koa for building backend API, Typescript support, Docker support
  • SvelteKit Stripe
    • SvelteKit template with Stripe Checkout and Typescript.
  • SvelteKit MDsveX Blog
    • A minimalistic blog template built with SvelteKit and MDsveX

SvelteKit Adapters

Official adapters:

Community adapters:


Bundler plugins


Linting and formatting

Editor extensions


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