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SuperMarquee is the super smooth marquee web component for your web applications.

It covers all features for marquee usages, like horizontal- and vertical scrolling, different scroll speeds, custom styling etc.

In addition, SuperMarquee comes with features which no other solution have. This includes 3D hardware acceleration, inbuilt 3D transformation functionalities and the unique ping-pong mode.

Needless to say that SuperMarquee supports all your favourite frontend frameworks.


Get some inspiration of what is possible with the following showcase demos.


The most popular features of SuperMarquee:

    Fully Responsive. Perfect for every resolution
    Easily customizable via CSS
    Zero dependencies
    Lightweight, simple yet powerful
    Hardware accelerated for high performance
    Extremely flexible. Endless possibilities
    Works on every modern device
    Supports 3D transformations
    Works with every major frontend framework
    Visual editor and code generator
    RSS feed support


List of single feature examples


Get Started

Install with npm

Run the following command in your terminal

npm install sp-supermarquee

You can also load the bundle directly from jsDelivr.

Create a placeholder

Create an HTML placeholder

<div id="supermarquee"></div>

Import SuperMarquee

import SuperMarquee from "sp-supermarquee";


Now turn your placeholder into a SuperMarquee instance and let the magic begin.

const sm = new SuperMarquee( 
  document.getElementById('example'), {
  content : "SuperMarquee by is Super!!!"

Refer to the official documentation for more details.


We provide support for developers working with commercial version by email. Please write an email to [email protected] (please include your license key for verification).

If you use a non-commercial version then please ask your tagged question on StackOverflow.


SuperMarquee is a commercial software with two licenses available:

  • Free for non-commercial purposes such as teaching, academic research, and evaluation. Read it here.
  • Commercial license with support and maintenance included. See pricing plans.
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