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A modern apm solution for enterprise, an open-source alternative to DataDog, New Relic, etc.

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Datav is currently being rewritten in Rust

Datav is a modern apm solution for enterprises: 100% open source, keep your source code and data in your own infra

Grafana like ui, more beautiful and powerful, seamlessly integrated with APM features.

Unified UI for traces,metrics,logs, so you can see them in the same place, solve problems much more quickly and very convenient for ops

Datav is built in GORUST and Clickhouse, so it's lightning fast. This will help you SAVE huge amount of COST

Some Features

  • Traces,Metrics,Logs native support for @open-telemetry
  • Plugins grafana like plugins,build your own charts
  • Dynamic Dashboards grafana like dashboard
  • Interactive Panel You can set click events for panels, like: go to a page, set variable etc
  • Beautifult Large Screen Customize your own big data large screen,it's very very cool
  • Alerting Visually define alert rules for your most important metrics
  • Teams and ACL Besides global dashboards, you can create teams, manage and share dashboards in your team
  • Custom sidemenu Link dashboards to sidemenu items, build your own sidemenu and websites.



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