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Web component to copy target text/dom-node value to clipboard
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4 years ago3mitJavaScript
An intuitive approach to creating deep learning models
Cheval23623 years ago4January 29, 20211mpl-2.0JavaScript
:clipboard: Copy to the clipboard using JavaScript without writing JS. A full solution for all browsers and all devices. LibreJS compliant.
4 years ago5mitPython
A pure python windows automation library loosely modeled after Java's Robot Class.
2 years agoC
Userspace tool to disable middle mouse button paste in Xorg
4 years agounlicenseAssembly
GUI for those who don't do GUI
2 years ago3unlicenseC
Global middle-mouse-click copy/paste for Mac OSX (C).
Docsify Copy Code9215a month ago8August 18, 20231mitJavaScript
A docsify plugin that copies Markdown code block to your clipboard
Codehighlighter For Typecho92
5 years ago1JavaScript
基于 prismjs 的代码语法高亮插件 for Typecho,可显示语言类型、行号,有复制代码到剪切板功能。
React Share Button86
7 years ago1mitJavaScript
📱 React share button component with web-share api and fallback modal with native intent urls
Ember Cli Clipboard7430616a month ago24November 15, 2021mitJavaScript
A simple ember wrapper around clipboard.js
Alternatives To Copy Button
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A web-component that is not relying on Flash to copy stuff into the clipboard. Experience may vary, based on browser support, with downgrading to using prompt.



npm i --save copy-button after which you're good to use copy-button &

  • require it from your main file
  • add 'node_modules/copy-button/bundled.min.js' as script in your html


You can also use it from CDN and drop <script src=''></script> into your html


After having script ran, you're good to use <copy-button></copy-button> in your markup.

Inner content

If you're not specifying inner content, it would default to 'Click to copy to clipboard', otherwise provided content would be inserted into the button. Can use icons here, etc. See example


If you specify target-text attribute on button, provided value will be copied to clipboard. Example


If you specify target-element attribute on button, value or text of provided DOM node will be copied to clipboard (it will be retrieved using document.getElementById if value will be specified as #specifiedID or document.querySelectorAll in other cases). See examples

Under the hood

Built on top of document.registerElement polyfill & copy-to-clipboard

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