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This is a helper package that automatically configures Apple's SourceKit language server for you.

To use this package, you must have:

  • The LSP package.
  • For macOS: Xcode and/or its command-line tools; for Linux: Install sourcekit-lsp manually.
  • A Swift syntax if you want to use this server on Swift files. You may want to try Colin's Decent Swift Syntax.

Applicable Selectors

This language server operates on views with base scopes:

  • source.swift (Swift files)


SourceKit will expect either a compile_commands.json file at the root of your project, or a project built around the Swift Package Manager. In case of compile_commands.json, this file is usually generated by CMake with the command-line option -DCMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS=ON.

For Linux users: modify the "command" value in the settings to point to the sourcekit-lsp executable.

Installation Location

Nothing is installed. The plugin will use the language server bundled with Xcode on macOS.


Configure SourceKit by running Preferences: LSP-SourceKit from the command palette.

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