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A simple cli app to clone all repos managed by a github organisation or team. Requires that you pass a github api key (personal access token) and github username to the script or set the GITHUB_TOKEN and GITHUB_USER environment variable. See the help output below.


The following script will install a binary from a tagged release

curl | sh
mv github-org-clone /usr/local/bin

Or install from master using go

go get


Export env vars in ~/.bashrc or equivalent

export GITHUB_USER=<your github username>
export GITHUB_TOKEN=<a github personal access token with clone repo privileges>

(Alternatively supply these as flags to the command --username and --token).

Clone team repos

github-org-clone --org MyOrg --team MyTeam

Clone organisation repos

github-org-clone -o MyOrg

Override the default location

github-org-clone -o MyOrg -d ~/projects/work

Override the github api url

github-org-clone -o MyOrg -a

For enterprise installations include the full path to the github api

github-org-clone -o MyOrg -a

View docs

github-org-clone -h
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