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GoDoc couchbasestore

Gorilla's Session store implementation with Couchbase backend.

Gorilla's Sessions and their sessions store interface can be found here

Currently, this package supports storing sessions in only one bucket. In case your application demands to keep sessions in different buckets, implement a container that will have couchbasestore as the underlying struct.


Install this package as you would usually install any Go package.

Run go get from terminal. It gets installed in $GOPATH


package main
import (

var store, _ = couchbasestore.NewCouchStore("http://[<username>]:[<password>]@<ip>:<port>","<poolname>",
func foobar(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request){
  session,err := store.Get(r,"foo") //name is the key against which a cookie is set in the HTTP header
  defer session.Save(r,w)
  session.Values["bar"] = "baz"
  fmt.Fprintf(w,"<h1>You have successfully accessed sessions.</h1>")

func main(){
  r := mux.NewRouter()
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