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Squid is a terminal emulator, build with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS). We use Electron and ReactJS. Everything is written in TypeScript.

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Canary versions of Squid are available for download in releases.

Please report any issues or new features you wish to see for Squid.

App settings

The settings file is located in the userData folder.

Depending on your OS, userData correspond to:

  • %APPDATA% on Windows
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config on Linux
  • ~/Library/Application Support on macOS



Yarn is highly recommended, but you can still use NPM.

First, make sure you have NPM or Yarn installed on your system. Then:

  1. Fork this repository, then clone it to your device
  2. Install JS dependencies with:
    • NPM: npm install
    • Yarn: yarn
  3. Launch the development server and the app:
    • NPM: npm run dev
    • Yarn: yarn dev

See contributing for more information.


Squid is licenced under MIT license.

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