Web-based SQL editor. Legacy project in maintenance mode.
Alternatives To Sqlpad
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Tidb34,18568101a day ago1,289April 07, 20224,039apache-2.0Go
TiDB is an open-source, cloud-native, distributed, MySQL-Compatible database for elastic scale and real-time analytics. Try AI-powered Chat2Query free at : https://tidbcloud.com/free-trial
a day ago1June 08, 20223,049otherClojure
The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics to everyone in your company :yum:
a day ago1,750apache-2.0Java
Free universal database tool and SQL client
a day ago2May 05, 2020798bsd-2-clausePython
Make Your Company Data Driven. Connect to any data source, easily visualize, dashboard and share your data.
Directus21,82250a day ago55September 22, 2022221otherTypeScript
The Modern Data Stack 🐰 — Directus is an instant REST+GraphQL API and intuitive no-code data collaboration app for any SQL database.
Shardingsphere18,4698a day ago7June 04, 2020742apache-2.0Java
Ecosystem to transform any database into a distributed database system, and enhance it with sharding, elastic scaling, encryption features & more
Knex17,63418,0962,788a day ago248August 31, 2022833mitJavaScript
A query builder for PostgreSQL, MySQL, CockroachDB, SQL Server, SQLite3 and Oracle, designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use.
a day ago761otherRust
📊 Cube — The Semantic Layer for Building Data Applications
Dolt14,9612a day ago214May 19, 2022297apache-2.0Go
Dolt – Git for Data
Mysql13,3314,8927,8157 days ago49March 25, 202266mpl-2.0Go
Go MySQL Driver is a MySQL driver for Go's (golang) database/sql package
Alternatives To Sqlpad
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A web app for writing and running SQL queries and visualizing the results. Supports Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, ClickHouse, Crate, Vertica, Trino, Presto, SAP HANA, Cassandra, Google BigQuery, SQLite, TiDB and many more via ODBC.

SQLPad Query Editor

Project Status

SQLPad is a legacy project in maintenance mode. If evaluating SQLPad, please consider a potential alternative or forking the project and making it your own.

Maintenance releases for security and dependency updates will continue as possible.

As of version 7, semver is no longer followed. Going forward patch updates may require major Node.js version updates, or contain removal of functionality.

Docker Image

The docker image runs on port 3000 and uses /var/lib/sqlpad for the embedded database directory.

See docker-examples for docker-compose examples.

Project Documentation

Documentation located at https://getsqlpad.com.


For instructions on installing/running SQLPad from git repo see DEVELOPER-GUIDE.md



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