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Get stunning wallpapers from Unsplash

Splash CLI is an Unsplash client powered by NodeJS. You can use it as an Unsplash terminal client, for example you can:

  • Change wallpaper on your desktop

  • Like or download photos.

  • Create new collections

  • Edit collections

  • Upload photos (See #47)

Terminal Setup

👀 Looking for maintainers! 👀

💾 Installation

To install splash-cli you must use a node package manager such as yarn or npm.

	#With NPM
	$ npm install --global splash-cli

	# With Yarn
	$ yarn global add splash-cli


A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found here

- What is Splash CLI?

Splash CLI is an Unsplash client powered by NodeJS.

You can use it to:

  • Change wallpaper on your desktop.
  • Create new collections (soon)
  • Like or download photos.
  • Download photos by ID.
  • Pick random photo from an user or a collection.

- Why did you make it?

When I wrote Splash CLI it was just for fun, I never tought that someone could find this tool so useful/funny

🐾 Usage

Splash is easy and quick to use, just run splash to get started.

  Get beautiful wallpapers from unsplash.

  Usage [v3.4.15]

        $ splash [command] [flags]

        settings <get|set|restore>      GET/SET/RESTORE SETTINGS
        alias <get|set|remove>          GET/SET COLLECTION ALIASES
        collection <get|delete>         MANAGE COLLECTIONS
        dir <clean|get|count>           MANAGE THE DOWNLOAD DIRECTORY
        user <login|logout|get|...>     MANAGE USER LOGIN/LOGOUT - GET USER INFOS
        HINT: use `[command] help` for the list of all options

        -h --help                       THIS MESSAGE
        -v --version                    v3.4.14

        --scale <auto|fill|fit|stretch|center>  SET WALLPAPER SCALE
        --screen <all|main|monitor number>      SET AS WALLPAPER ON SELECTED MONITOR

        -s --save [optional_path]       DOWNLOAD WITHOUT SETTING AS WALLPAPER
        --set <path>                    SET GIVEN PHOTO AS WALLPAPER

        -i --info                       SHOW EXIF
        -q --quiet                      NO OUTPUT

  Image Manipulation
        --rotate <degrees>              ROTATE THE IMAGE BY GIVEN DEGREES
        --grayscale                     MAKES THE IMAGE BW
        --flip                           FLIP THE PHOTO ON THE "Y" AXIS
        --colorspace <srgb|rgb|cmyk|lab|b-w> CHANGE IMAGE "COLORSPACE"

  Source Filters
        -c --curated                    RANDOM CURATED PHOTO
        -u --user <username>            RANDOM PHOTO FROM PROVIDED USER

        --day                           GET THE PHOTO OF THE DAY
        --id <id or url>                PHOTO BY ID
        --collection <id or alias>      RANDOM PHOTO FROM PROVIDED COLLECTION

  Search Filters
        -f --featured                   LIMIT TO ONLY FEATURED PHOTOS
        --query <query>                 RANDOM FROM QUERY
        --orientation <landscape|portrait|squarish> SET WALLPAPER ORIENTATION (DEFAULT: 'landscape')

Suggested Collections

  • Editorial (317099) - A collection of beautiful photos, curated by the Unsplash Team.

  • Wallpapers (1065976) - Free stunning HD wallpapers for your mobile and desktop screens.

  • Textures & Patterns (3330445) - Find your next perfect texture or pattern in high-quality.


List of awesome people that have helped to keep this project alive:

How can I contribute?

Hi thank you for the interest! Here you can find all what you need to know about and here you can find some things that I'd like to improve.

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This package is Treeware. If you're enjoying it, then we ask that you buy the world a tree to thank us for our work. By contributing to the Treeware forest youll be creating employment for local families and restoring wildlife habitats.

Made with love by Federico Vitale in 🇮🇹

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