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ZeroVPN: zero-configuration OpenVPN using SSH

Here's why this exists. I used to host an OpenVPN server on EC2 so I could get to each of my machines from anywhere on the internet. But each client required another setup step with the easy-rsa stuff, and I'd usually have to write a connection script/conffile for each one. It's a drag.

ZeroVPN is a dockerized server that uses SSH to automatically configure clients. Clients just need to have ssh, openvpn, and the zerovpn script installed; then they use the SSH connection to download a transient OpenVPN configuration and connect. The configuration is deleted when the client disconnects.


First create an SSH key. Anyone with this key can connect to the VPN:

$ ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/vpn-key

Then authorize the key and launch the server:

$ cp ~/.ssh/ authorized_keys
$ ./zerovpn-server 2222 1194

Note that running the container takes a minute or so because OpenVPN generates a server key and all client keys. This happens each time you launch the image. The container will refuse SSH connections until it's fully booted.

Now anyone with .ssh/vpn-key can use zerovpn to connect to the OpenVPN:

# usage: zerovpn client_ip ssh options...
$ zerovpn -p 2222 -i ~/.ssh/vpn-key [email protected]

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