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3 years ago1TeX
Book about PostgreSQL (russian)
Thesis Ba44
a year agomitTeX
My Bachelor's thesis titled "Evaluation of performance and productivity metrics of potential programming languages in the HPC environment".
Groovy Performance13
7 years agoTeX
Dissertation Project8
4 years agoTeX
This repository holds all the material relavent to my Master's Dissertation Project
Optimal Transport7
5 years agomitTeX
Group project "Algorithms for large-scale optimal transport". Implement ADMMs and Sinkhorn's Algorithms.
3 months agoTeX
Evaluating Data Interaction: Workloads, Metrics, and Guidelines
3 years agoTeX
A simple KVS example by using Axonerve running on Alveo U50 with 100GbE
Coinrun Dqn Pytorch2
3 years ago1otherTeX
coinrun with dqn and ddqn using pytorch
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In the multi-core architecture, the power consumption problem has emerged as a roadblock for performance enhancement. There are two reasons how the power dissipation affects the performance: the first reason is the power dissipation limits the number of core that can be functional simultaneously, and the second reason is that the power dissipation limits to increase the clock frequency of a processor. The multiple cores and higher clock frequency have been the two most effective approaches to increase the performance. Currently, most of the general purpose processors and high performance server processor are operated at 2-3 GHz clock frequency and most of the modern processors are having a number of cores ranging from 4 to 36.In this project we have carried out a study on power dissipation of two different processors for different applications suits from PARSEC and SPLASH benchmark. We have also proposed a solution to solve the power dissipation solution by reducing the over all power dissipation without affecting performance.

We have used "Sniper" for simulation, "Nehalem(Intel processor microarchitecture)" and "Atom (Intel processor microarchitecture)" and for "Data Visualization & Analysis" purpose I used "Jupiter(Python3)"

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