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spacebin - pastebin server focused stability and maintainability

🔭 Spacebin is a highly-reliable pastebin server, built with TypeScript, that's capable of serving notes, documents, code or any other form of text!

📖 Documentation | 🐙 Repositories

  • Stable and Maintainable, thanks to TypeScript. 💻
  • Supports a large amount of databases. 💿
  • A well-documented RESTful API. 📖
  • Easy to use and setup. 😌
  • Privacy-conscious software; stores only the essential data. 🤔
  • Highly customizable. ğŸŽ¨

This repository serves as a landing point for anytime you may need to share Spacebin and don't want to link the public instance.

Repositories 🏢

Contributors ✨ (Emoji Key)


💻 📖 🤔 🚇 🚧 📆 👀

Jack Dorland

ğŸŽ¨ 💻 🚧 👀

Brett Bender

🤔 📖

Jared Gorski


Reporting Vulnerabilities 🛡️

The Spacebin team takes security very seriously. If you find a vulnerability please contact either [email protected], [email protected], or preferably both.

We ask you do not publicize any vulnerabilities you may have found as that could hurt other service users. You are free to publicize it after it has been patched.

Licenses 💼

The following details how we license our work.

  • Images, Videos, or Text are all available in the Public Domain (Creative Commons) under CC BY-SA 4.0.
  • Source Code is all licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license or the GPL-3.0 license.

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