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The goal of this library is to ease the implementation of multi processing accross your existing microservices. Relieve aims to give a reusable design pattern using process forks. It also eases communication with child processes with an high-level abstraction.

For example, with a CallableTask:

//just export a module in the child process
module.exports = {
  print: (str) => {
  data: () => {
    //return some async data
    return Promise.resolve({foo: 'bar'})

Then from your master, just call the task:

var CallableTask = require('relieve/tasks/CallableTask')
var task = new CallableTask('task.js')

.then(() => {'print', 'hello world')
  return task.get('data')
.then(d => {
  //d is {foo: 'bar'}

The design pattern

Relieve is based on a design pattern containing:

  • A Worker
  • One or more tasks

The task can be used without a Worker, but the Worker helps managing workflows.


The task will implement a child process using fork. It'll make sure that there is an ipc channel open so that Workers and Tasks can communicate. There are different tasks implementations:

  • Fork Task - simply transforms a ChildProcess.fork in a Task
  • Script Task - wraps a script path in a container that is managed through ChildProcess.fork. It gives the ability to start, restart or kill a Task
  • Callable Task - this is a Script Task with convenience methods to call or get script methods remotely



Different kind of Workers for different use cases. Every Worker takes one or more tasks and handles them.

  • Worker - it's a basic worker. Helps sending a message to every task.
  • QueueWorker - process tasks one after the other, or in concurrency. Waits for a Task to exit before it consider's it as done.
  • CloudWorker - does not wait for tasks to exit and process them through a Strategy (ie: RoundRobin)



  • Containers - easy way to add ipc methods for your tasks
  • Interfaces - extends how the tasks are managed (FailSafe, Logger)


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