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🎧 Vue SoundCloud

Simple SoundCloud client built with Vue and Nuxt.


It seems that SoundCloud has revoked my api client keys without any explanation or warning. Running the app locally no longer works unless you have a working SoundCloud API client id (SoundCloud has disabled registration of new apps for quite some time now). The live demo is also not working at the moment.

Live demo:


Desktop view:

Mobile view:


  • Server-side rendering with Nuxt.js.
  • Load data from SoundCloud API.
  • The home page included loading more tracks with infinite scroll and search tracks form.
  • The track page included related tracks ,track comments and showing track wave.
  • The profile page included the user tracks and user followers.

This project implemented by the following technologies:

Let's run:

Clone the project:

$ git clone vue-soundcloud

Starting Development:

Run one of the following commands:

$ yarn && yarn dev

# OR

$ npm i && npm run dev

Build and run production:

Run one of the following commands:

$ yarn && yarn build && yarn start

# OR

$ npm i && npm run build && npm start


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