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Consolas ligaturized font

Standard Consolas font with FiraCode v2 ligatures.


FiraCode ligatures

FiraCode ligatures

v1.206 vs v2

FiraCode v1.206

FiraCode v2


Releases of this repo are following the version of FiraCode Current ligatures come from FiraCode v2


Install this font like any other font. Most likely by double clicking on it.

For detailed installation instructions on OS and most common IDEs, read FiraCode wiki

Note: Font name is Consolas ligaturized v2

VSCode install

  1. Ctrl+Shift+P -> Settings
  2. Paste 'Consolas ligaturized v2' in the input
  3. Enable ligatures in your settings.json with this: "editor.fontLigatures": true

For detailed installation instructions, read this StackOverflow post (Bear in mind to use the "v2").


Build process can be found here

Credits & tooling

Tool Repo
Ligaturizer Ligaturizer
Ligatures FiraCode


OFL-1.1 (inherited from FiraCode license)

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