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(Swift3, XCode8) Udacity's project from iOS Developer Nanodegree

Project Overview

Students will create an app with a map that shows information posted by other students. The map will contain pins that show the location where other students have reported studying. By tapping on the pin users can see a URL for something the student finds interesting. The user will be able to add their own data by posting a string that can be geocoded to a location, and a URL.

Why this project?

This project will give students an opportunity to post and retrieve data from a network resource using Apple’s networking framework. It will also allow students to authenticate a user.


  • Accessing networked data using Apple’s URL loading framework
  • Authenticating a user using over a network connection
  • Creating user interfaces that are responsive, and communicate network activity
  • Use Core Location and the MapKit framework for to display annotated pins on a map

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