Tactical Observation of RF GNSS Interference
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Tactical Observation of RF GNSS Interference
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a rabbitmq-greenplum connector using GPSS
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Logapps NLP Problem Statement for tribeHacks 2016
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Tactical Observation of RF GNSS Interference

Collect, store, and display observations and analysis of GPS "fix" availability and quality.

Android 7.0 or higher required; 8.0 recommended. Google Pixel 2 (or Pixel 2 XL) provides Automatic Gain Control data.

Compiled APK (Android app installer)

GNSS observation points are stored in a GeoPackage file with satellite and receiver clock details using the (proposed) Related Tables Extension and the NGA GeoPackage Android SDK.

Observation points and associated location fix data are stored as a feature layer within a standard (v1.2) GeoPackage. The Data Model diagram below shows Satellite measurement data and receiver (hardware) clock information tables and their relationships, as currently implemented in the TORGI app.

The Related Tables Extension is a community standard extension to the GeoPackage map database, moving toward full adoption by OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium).

Open Architecture / Open Standards

GeoPackage 1.2 Certified OGC Compliant

GeoPackage / SQLite Database ERD

(View / Edit diagram in browser)


docker-compose up

Android .apk will be build inside the Docker container: (torgi/build/outputs/apk/{debug|release})

See Dockerfile for build process. Requires Android build tools and NGA GeoPackage Android SDK.

Travis CI - automated continuous integration:


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