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Installs popular communication tools hipchat (modern client - hipchat4), slack, viber, skype

Example of use:

     - {
         role: "sa-communication-tools",
         option_skype: false,
         option_skype_rec: false,
         option_viber: true,
         option_slack: true,
         option_hipchat: false,
         option_hipchat4: true,         
         option_skype_linux: true,
         option_telegram: true

Note: re skypeforlinux_version - existing repo holds only two recent versions, and now historic one. Also there is no "latest" deb to install most recent version only. This would require you to check and set actual version for skypeforlinux_version

Change notes

1.1.0 Introduced support for telegram and skype alpha for linux according to feature requests

Copyright and license

Code is dual licensed under the [BSD 3 clause] ( and the [MIT License] ( Choose the one that suits you best.

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