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Socialize Python SDK

This SDK is used for our partners, but if you do not have a partner key, you can use this as a template with your client key to get a jump start on making any custom API calls.

How to use

First time running you will need to activate the virtual environment to download required package.

./ build

or modify the with verified partner key/secret.

./ unit_test

Or running tests using nosetests:

_install/bin/nosetests [ -s for print output| -v more verbose ]

Or running specific test

_install/bin/nosetests -s -v tests.api_user_test:ApiUserTest.test_ban_user_by_id

This SDK is a work in progress. Below are the implemented endpoints.

Partner API:

    - GET list of applications
    - POST new application

    - GET specific application
    - PUT update application information
    - Delete
    - Upload P12 for push notification
    - Upload application icon

    - Get list of api_users [ filter by application ]
    - Get list of banned users

    - ban
    - unban


The client can be installed as a module and imported.

** You might need to add in submodule root repo.

Instruction from here

to init:
git submodule add [email protected]:socialize/socialize-python-sdk.git socialize_python_sdk
git submodule init
git submodule update

#** I didn't add into root folder because it will break every test
#** I will try to fix it later

touch socialize_python_sdk/

to update:
goto submodule directory, 
git submodule init
git submodule update
git pull


from socialize.client import Partner

    Partner interface can return
        - a list of applications
        - Single Application Object

partner = Partner(key,secret,url)  
apps = partner.applications(userId)

for app in apps:
    print app
    print app.to_dict()

# apps.find() return meta dict, list of application by userId
meta, result = apps.find()

# apps.findOne(id) return application object

application = apps.findOne(42)

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