Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

First, the biblicals:

shell script to download all volumes of Lord Knuth's Art of Computer Programming:

## Volume 1 - Fundamental Algorithms, 3rd Edition
wget -c -O art_of_compProg-vol1 &&

## Volume 2 - Seminumerical Algorithms, 2nd Edition
wget -c -O art_of_compProg-vol2.pdf &&

## Volume 3 - Sorting and Searching, 2nd Edition
wget -c -O art_of_compProg-vol3.pdf &&

## Volume 4A- Combinatorial Algorithms
wget -c -O art_of_compProg-vol4.pdf

And the following...

are books and resources loved by r/learnprogramming community for going the extra mile of curiosity in the CS world. Compiled by me, a lurker who kept track.

Websites and online resources:

amazing detailed notes for math foundations of computing

detailed walk-through of general compilation and interpretation techniques by actually building two interpreters in Java and C

web tool to help you type code and see it translate to assembly

Computer Science Crash Course by Raspberry Pi Foundation

what every programmer should know about floating-pointer arithmetic, and more

follow-up of last link - what every programmer should know about memory

series by Ben Eater where he builds an entire computer on a breadboard and explains everything well

this along with this explains everything from the logic gate on up to a functioning system

this teaches you to build a modern computer from first principles.

this introduces pointers to newbie programmers in the C programming language.

And this. 6502 assembly language is what old consoles ran on. After you assemble you can click the disassemble or hexdump button to see the difference between lda #$01 and lda $01!

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