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About Honor Code

If there is same questions or labs in the future, it is the responsibility of JI students not to copy or modify these codes, or TeX files because it is against the Honor Code. The owner of this repository dosen't take any commitment for other's faults.

According to the SJTU student handbook (2019 version),

It is a violation of the Honor Code for students to submit, as their own, work that is not the result of their own labor and thoughts. This applies, in particular, to ideas, expressions or work obtained from other students as well as from books, the internet, and other sources. The failure to properly credit ideas, expressions or work from others is considered plagiarism.


Horst Hohberger - Professor

Leyang Zhang - TA

Chengsong Zhang - TA

Pingbang Hu - TA

The work are partially contributed to some other students, TAs and professors in JI, which would be listed if known.


If you find any problems in the rep, welcome to make an issue or pull request.

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