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MyAAC is a free and open-source Automatic Account Creator (AAC) written in PHP. It is a fork of the Gesior project. It supports only MySQL databases.

Official website:


- PHP 5.6 or later
- MySQL database
- PDO PHP Extension
- XML PHP Extension
- ZIP PHP Extension
- (optional) mod_rewrite to use friendly_urls


Just decompress and untar the source (which you should have done by now,
if you're reading this), into your webserver's document root.

MyAAC needs proper permissions to handle files correctly.
If you're using apache2, then your directory needs to have owner set to: www-data, you can do it by using following command:
	chown -R www-data.www-data /var/www/*
		(or any other path your MyAAC installation is located at..)

  Note: Linux only
	If you're under linux use these commands to set proper permissions:
		chmod 660 config.local.php
		chmod 660 images/guilds
		chmod 660 images/houses
		chmod 660 images/gallery
		chmod -R 770 system/cache

Visit http://your_domain/install (http://localhost/install) and follow instructions in the browser.


- none -


If you have a great idea or want contribute to the project - visit our website at


This program and all associated files are released under the GNU Public
License, see LICENSE for details.

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