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Kafka Connect Elastic Sink Connector

Default Elastic sink connector and open source alternatives read data from Kafka topic, and index/delete them with respect to startup configuration.

This custom connector created for reading the configuration from the data itself.

That is,

  • If data has "status" field set to "insert", then connector sends index request.
  • If data has "status" field set to "delete", then connector delete request.

"status" flag name is configurable.

About record

Your record must be a JSON string and these fields should be included:

  • flag : Used to get behaviour, should be insert or delete, field name flag is configurable by flag.field property. (e.g. status in example configuration below)
  • You can also change insert or delete values file.
  • payload: To send Elastic, should contain Json data, field name dataList is configurable by data.array property. (e.g. dataList in example configuration below). Payload can be array or object.
  • Your data in dataList must include id field. You can change id field name from

Example Configuration


Run with local Kafka cluster and Elastic instance

You should have Docker and Docker Compose to run and test it in your local.

  • Clone this repo
  • mvn clean and mvn install
  • Change absolute path in volumes under kafka-cluster in docker-compose.yml
  • Run with docker-compose up
  • Wait a bit and open connect console http://localhost:3030/kafka-connect-ui/#/cluster/fast-data-dev/select-connector
  • Select ElasticSinkConnector in right bottom of the page. (Appears if volume is correctly set in compose file.)
  • For logs: http://localhost:3030/logs/connect-distributed.log

Curious about how I implemented this repository? Here is my medium post


  • Missing tests.

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