Php Mysql Colne Torrent Tracker Search Engine Script

Free open source php mysql colne torrent tracker search engine script - responsive template, turnkey auto update, light weight.
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a day ago6gpl-2.0
Updated list of public BitTorrent trackers
9 hours ago1gpl-3.0
🎈 Updated daily! A list of popular BitTorrent Trackers! / 每天更新!全网热门 BT Tracker 列表!
17 hours ago1June 08, 2022209gpl-2.0C#
API Support for your favorite torrent trackers
Torrent4,797380677 days ago254September 18, 202240mpl-2.0Go
Full-featured BitTorrent client package and utilities
9 hours ago7gpl-3.0
2 years ago61gpl-3.0Python
Bittorrent software for cats
a year ago1December 23, 202077agpl-3.0Go
Autonomous (self-hosted) BitTorrent DHT search engine suite.
Murder2,515116 years ago4October 11, 20108otherRuby
Large scale server deploys using BitTorrent and the BitTornado library (NOTE: project no longer maintained)
Unit3d Community Edition1,685
2 days ago12agpl-3.0PHP
🚀 A Next Generation Private Torrent Tracker (Community Edition)
Bittorrent Tracker1,562441475 days ago238June 01, 202215mitJavaScript
🌊 Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation
Alternatives To Php Mysql Colne Torrent Tracker Search Engine Script
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Start your beautiful professional Automatic Torrent Directory / search engine site within a few minutes for free to make money online from ads while you sleeping.

Free php mysql clone torrent tracker search engine script.

Setup completely automated torrent tracker site with ads in few minutes.

It regularly grabs thousands of latest torrents automatically.

Author: Sk Md Imtiaj
Email: [email protected]



  1. Quick installation.
  2. Setup guide (readme).
  3. Light weight.
  4. Very fast.
  5. Ajax.
  6. Auto update database.
  7. Hourly fresh contents.
  8. Rss feed.
  9. Built in 4 ads spots.
  10. Beautiful design.

Server Requirements:

  1. php > 5.x or Later
  2. MySql > 5.x or Later
  3. CHMOD (disk read, write access)


  1. Unzip the script directory.

  2. Open "phpmyadmin" panel and create a new database for this script i.e "torrents_dir".

  3. Import "database.sql" (find in "database_sql" directory) file's content to your newly created database.

  4. Edit "settings.php" file.

  5. (Important) Assign "$site_url" with the full url of your installation.
    i.e "", including the trailing slash.
    Blank or wrong url, will not work.

  6. Assign Your contact email id for "$site_admin_email".
    Required to contact you for future updates.

  7. "$site_domain" variable with your domain name i.e "".
    Will be used to append in the torrent download name like:
    "[] some_torrent_file.torrent".
    So be it short and sweet.

  8. (Important) Now edit MySql database settings variables in "db-config.php" file->

  9. "$database_host" : with MySql database host url.

  10. "$database_user" : with MySql database user name.

  11. "$database_password" : with MySql database password.

  12. "$database_name" : with MySql database name (your created for this site).

  13. Congratulation: Your site is ready.

Visit the site, if every thing is ok, it automatically start fetching torrents in back ground. Will take few seconds to load for the first time.

Customization & SEO:

  1. Paste Google analytics code in "analytics_code.php" file inside "ads" directory.

  2. Choose $site_title, $meta_keywords, $meta_description in settings.php wisely.

  3. Put your $contact_emails and $contact_address.

  4. Choose theme color: $main_theme_color, hexadecimal triplet value, i.e "#3B5998;".

  5. Edit footer links in "templates/footer.php" file.

Monetization & Ads Setup:

  1. Sign up to ads network to monetize your site (i.e popads, exoclick etc).

  2. Popads here: Popads.

  3. ExoClixk here: ExoClick.

  4. Paste Popads popunder ads code in "analytics_code.php" file inside "ads" directory.

  5. Paste ExoClick banner ads in "top_ad.php" file inside "ads" directory.

  6. Paste ExoClick bottom ads in "bottom_ad.php" file inside "ads" directory

  7. There are also left and right side bar ads spot available.
    Enable those in "settings.php" and paste ad code inside "ads" directory.

Traffic & promotion:

  1. Submit new tv shows or movies to reddit from your site.

  2. Share automatically with ifttt using rss feeds.

  3. Rss feed Urls are "$category".
    Possible $category values: tv, movies, musics, games, xxx, applications, others.

    i.e "**tv**" or "**movies**".

  4. Post to twitter or whaerever you like.

  5. Ping your site using or

  6. Create few blogger blog posts.

  7. Create few forum posts on file sharing forums.


  1. Increase revenue with many sites with different domains & settings (keywords, title).

  2. Use free web hosting services.


  1. This script and the api is not fully developed yet, many features coming soon.

  2. You can also submit bug report, feature request or code improvement.

  3. For Custom development contact me at "[email protected]".


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