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Do you no longer trust tech monopolies with your data?
Are you done with your privacy being invaded by advertisers?
Are you tired of being abused by Big Companies?

We are too. So, we built Bloom.

Bloom is an open source and privacy-focused productivity suite: Inbox, Calendar, Files, Contacts & much more. It's literally the easiest way to de-Google your life and business.

Why? How? What? 👉 Read the launch post:


See docs/


See the Projects tab


Hey! Want to report a Bug or participate in the development of Bloom? Please open an issue. Pull requests will be accepted without prior discussion only for typos.

If you want to say thanks or have a question, please use the Discussions tab.

All the project's updates and news will be published on the official Blog / Newsletter:


Do you find the project to be awesome and thus want to contribute financially? Feel free to create an account on and subscribe to a plan.

Here is a blog post with additional details about my plan to make Bloom sustainable:


We take Bloom's security and our users' trust very seriously. If you believe you have found a security issue in Bloom, please responsibly disclose by contacting:

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