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An image and video friendly Indexer

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What is this project?

This is a file directory browser script written in PHP and JavaScript.

This is designed to be a image and video friendly Indexer, while also being an Indexer that has all of the other features that you can expect from most directory listers out there. It can be heavily customized, and has a design that attempts to be appealing while also being functional and easy to use.

Note: The Indexer can be used without JavaScript, but it is needed for the extra functionality.


You can visit the demo to view the indexer in action.

Feedback 💡

I'm open for any feedback.

You can open an issue if you encounter any specific problems or bugs of any kind.

Or, you can start a discussion if you just have any general questions or minor issues you want to troubleshoot. You can also suggest any features or potential changes there.



The script supports HTTP authentication, allowing you to add a bit of protection to your directories.

Gallery Mode

A gallery mode where you can view images and videos of the current directory without needing to visit each URL separately. It has support for downloading files and reverse searching images.

Hover Previews

Displays a preview of the image or video when hovering over the name.

Search Filter

The search filter can be used to search for filenames or filetypes in the current directory. Usage (Desktop): Shift + F.

Single file

This script can be set up as a single file script (standalone setup). Only one file needed, nothing more.


This script can be customized in a number of ways. (See: Configuration)

And much more ..

  • All dates will match the timezone of the client.
  • Persistent client-set sorting settings.
  • Support for custom themes.
  • Server-side filtering which can help you hide specific files or folders.
  • Paths can be clicked, allowing for easy navigation between folders.
  • The client can set their own settings in the menu.
  • Direct download links.
  • Mobile friendly.


Download the latest release HERE!

Alternatively, you can also build it from source yourself, for that see: Building.

1. Files

You can choose between having a default setup and a standalone setup.

The default setup will import assets (js, css and fonts) as separate files, like most sites. This is the normal setup.

The standalone setup will have all of these files bundled directly into the .php file instead, serving everything through HTML.

a) Default

Place the files from the build directory into your root web directory.

b) Standalone (single file)

Place the file from the standalone directory into your root web directory.

2. Server Configuration

The Indexer does require you to use it as an index file, that way it can be automatically applied to directories that do not have a defualt index file present, this makes it behave just like any other default and built-in directory indexes. This can all be done easily by following the steps below, depending on what web server you are using.


To use this script for all directories without a default index you need append /indexer.php to the end of your index line in your server configuration. This will tell Nginx to use the Indexer if none of the default indexes exist.

Example usage:

server {
        index index.html index.php /indexer.php;

Another example, here it is only being applied to a few directories:

server {
        location ~ ^/(videos|images)/ {
                index /indexer.php;


In order to automatically use this script as a default index, you need to edit your Apache configuration. To do this, you must place /indexer.php at the end of your DirectoryIndex directive.

Example usage:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php /indexer.php

This line can be placed in either your server's .conf file or your .htaccess file. This will tell Apache to use the Indexer if none of the default indexes exist. This can be set globally or on a per-directory basis depending on your usecase.


See Configuration for a detailed overview over how this script can be customized.


You can build this script from source using node and npm.

Clone repository and install dependencies

git clone
cd eyy-indexer
npm install

Production builds

Build from source, creating minified files:

npm run build

Build a standalone file from source:

npm run make-standalone

Development builds

Build source mapped, non-production files:

npm run build-dev


You can contribute by either submitting a pull request, reporting issues or bugs, or voicing good ideas. It's all very much welcome! ☺️


This project is licensed under GPL-3.0. It also includes external libraries that are available under a variety of licenses. See LICENSE for the full license text.


As you with anything else, use this script at your own risk. There may exist bugs that i do not know of.

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