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Let's Sipeed up, Maximize AI's power!

MaixPy, makes AIOT easier!

Maixpy is designed to make AIOT programming easier, based on the Micropython syntax, running on a very powerful embedded AIOT chip K210.

K210 brief:

  • Image Recognition with hardware acceleration
  • Dual core with FPU
  • 8MB(6MB+2MB) RAM
  • 16MB external Flash
  • Max 800MHz CPU freq (see the dev board in detail, usually 400MHz)
  • Microphone array(8 mics)
  • Hardware AES SHA256
  • FPIOA (Periphrals can map to any pins)
  • Peripherals: I2C, SPI, I2S, WDT, TIMER, RTC, UART, GPIO etc.

There are many things you can do with MaixPy, please refer to here

Simple code

Find I2C devices:

from machine import I2C

i2c = I2C(I2C.I2C0, freq=100000, scl=28, sda=29)
devices = i2c.scan()

Take picture:

import sensor
import image
import lcd

while True:


See Releases page

Get latest commit firmware: master firmware

Custom your firmware, see build or use online custom tool


Doc refer to



Build From Source

See build doc

The historic version see historic branch (No longer maintained, just keep commit history)

Use online compilation tools to customize firmware

Go to to use online compilation to customize the functions you need

Model hub:

Find more models on


See LICENSE file

Other: As C SDK for C developers

In addition to the source code of the MaixPy project, since MaixPy exists as a component, it can be configured to not participate in compilation, so this repository can also be developed as C SDK. For the usage details, see Building Documentation, which can be started by compiling and downloading projects/hello_world.

The compilation process is briefly as follows:

sudo tar -Jxvf kendryte-toolchain-ubuntu-amd64-8.2.0-20190409.tar.xz -C /opt
cd projects/hello_world
python3 menuconfig
python3 build
python3 flash -B dan -b 1500000 -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -t

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