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A bundling tool for TypeScript.


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$ npm install typescript-bundle -g
$ tsc-bundle ./index.ts


TypeScript-Bundle is a build tool for the TypeScript programming language. It layers the TypeScript compiler cli to enable direct bundling of modular TypeScript source code for immediate consumption in a browser.

This tool provides:

  • The ability to bundle directly from .ts, .tsx or tsconfig.json.
  • The ability to embed text, json, base64 and buffer assets as modules.
  • Support for custom pre-processing pipelines.
  • Supports TypeScript compiler versions as low as 1.8.0.

This tool is offered as is for anyone who finds it useful.



$ tsc-bundle script.ts | script.tsx | tsconfig.json

  Examples: tsc-bundle index.ts
            tsc-bundle tsconfig.json
            tsc-bundle script.ts --exportAs Foo
            tsc-bundle index.ts --outFile bundle.js
            tsc-bundle index.ts --transform script.js

    --outFile         Outputs the bundle with the give filepath.
    --target          Sets the ES Target for the bundle.
    --exportAs        Exports bundle exports as a global variable.
    --importAs        Imports global variable as a module (namespace).
    --importAsDefault Imports global variable as a module (default).
    --entryPoint      Overrides the default entry point for the bundle.
    --transform       Applies a transform to the bundle.
    --watch           Starts the compiler in watch mode.
    --debug           Prints debug information.


Bundle from source file

Point TypeScript-Bundle at a TypeScript source file to have it bundle that file and everything it imports. Will use the default compiler settings.

# output: ./script.js
$ tsc-bundle ./script.ts

# output: ./bundle.js
$ tsc-bundle ./script.ts --outFile ./bundle.js

Bundle from tsconfig.json

Point TypeScript-Bundle at a tsconfig.json to have it use the compiler settings within.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "strict": true,
    "target": "esnext",
    "lib": ["dom", "esnext"],
  "files": ["script.ts"]

$ tsc-bundle ./src/tsconfig.json

# output: ./script.js
$ tsc-bundle ./src/tsconfig.json --outFile ./bundle.js

# output: ./bundle.js


Supported for TypeScript compiler versions 2.2.0 and higher.
import Content from 'text!./file.txt'

TypeScript-Bundle automatically bundles files with a special import scheme similar to WebPack's ts-loader. It supports text, json, base64, buffer and css directives that inform the bundler how to embed the asset.

import Text   from 'text!./file.txt'    // as 'string'
import Base64 from 'base64!./image.png' // as 'string | base64 encoded'
import Obj    from 'json!./file.json'   // as 'any'
import Buf    from 'buffer!./file.dat'  // as 'Uint8Array'
import Css    from 'css!./file.css'     // as 'string | @import concat'


To import assets without compiler warnings, TypeScript requires you define an additional declaration file .d.ts that describes the file extension to type mappings. The following is an example of such a declaration.

declare module '*.txt' {
 const value: string
  export default value
declare module '*.json' {
  const value: any
  export default value
declare module '*.b64' {
 const value: string
  export default value
declare module '*.buf' {
 const value: Uint8Array
  export default value
declare module '*.css' {
 const value: string
  export default value

You can either add this declaration to your tsconfig.json or as a /// <reference path='extensions.d.ts' /> directive if bundling from script.


--exportAs GLOBAL

Assigns a global variable name to the bundle.


// script.ts

export function add(a: number, b: number) { return a + b }
$ tsc-bundle script.ts --exportAs Foo
var Foo = (function() {  /* bundled code here */  })()

Now available to the page.

<script src='./script.js'></script>

<script> console.log(Foo.add(10, 20)) </script>


If you are bundling for nodejs, you can pass --exportAs commonjs that will make the bundle a nodejs module. Useful for keeping the internals of the bundle private while exposing a surface level API.

$ tsc-bundle ./script.ts --exportAs commonjs
module.exports = (function() {  /* bundled code here */  })()
// node: app.js
const Foo = require('./script')


--importAs GLOBAL=module

--importAsDefault GLOBAL=module

Adds global variables (such as those added to a web page when loading scripts via CDN) as internal modules.

Import React

# install react declaration files.

$ npm install @types/react
$ npm install @types/react-dom
// index.ts

import * as React    from 'react'
import * as ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
# bundle with --importAs. The convention is GLOBAL_NAME=MODULE_NAME.

$ tsc-bundle index.ts --importAs React=react --importAs ReactDOM=react-dom
<!-- adds global name React -->
<script src="./react.js"></script>
<!-- adds global name ReactDOM -->
<script src="./react-dom.js"></script>
<!-- the bundle -->
<script src="./index.js"></script>

It is possible to import as many global names as necessary.

importAs vs importAsDefault

TypeScript-Bundle provides two importAs schemes for importing global variables. The decision to select one over the other is purely down to the import semantics provided by @types/* declaration for that library.


--importAs THREE=three
import * as THREE from 'three'


--importAsDefault THREE=three
import THREE from 'three'

Select the most appropriate based on the library you're importing.


--entryPoint index2

Will override the default entry point for the bundle. By default, the last module within the bundle is treated as the default entry point and will be evaluated first. If this is undesirable, the --entryPoint option allows for the selection of any other module located within the bundle to be evaluated first. Useful when compiling with glob patterns such as "include": [ "src/**/*" ].


--transform ./preprocessor.js

Allows for custom preprocessing of the bundle.

// ./preprocessor.js

// run on typescript AMD output.
module.exports.typescriptOutput = function(javascript_code) {
  // apply transformations here.

  return javascript_code

// run on typescript-bundle output.
module.exports.bundleOutput = function(javascript_code) {
  // apply transformations here.

  return javascript_code

Multiple preprocessing stages can be stacked if required.

$ tsc-bundle ./index.ts --transform ./a.js --transform ./b.js --transform ./c.js


The following tasks are provided by this project.

$ npm run clean       # cleans this project.
$ npm run es_loaders  # rebuilds es loader templates. 
$ npm run build       # builds the bundler.
$ npm run pack        # packs the bundler.
$ npm run spec        # builds and runs the spec project.
$ npm run install-cli # installs the bundler cli globally.

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