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A FAB button component for Android and iOS, customizable, simple and as per material design specs.

FAB demo with snackbar

See Google Material Design for more info on FABs.


npm install --save react-native-fab

Basic Usage

import FAB from 'react-native-fab'


<FAB buttonColor="red" iconTextColor="#FFFFFF" onClickAction={() => {console.log("FAB pressed")}} visible={true} iconTextComponent={<Icon name="all-out"/>} />


Prop Type Effect Default Value
visible boolean Show or hide the FAB true
buttonColor string The color of FAB red
onClickAction function Function to be called when button is pressed ()=>{}
iconTextColor color The color of icon of FAB #FFFFFF
iconTextComponent component Text component or any other component based on it, works great with Icon from react-native-vector-icons <Text>+</Text>
snackOffset number The amount by which to move up the FAB to accomodate snackbar 0


  • When visible prop is changed, the FAB will be animated in/out of screen.
  • This works great together with react-native-snackbar-component. See demo for example and instructions how to.
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